This article introduces you to various arthritis relief measures.

Etymologically, arthritis means inflammation of joints. Arthritis is not a single disease, but a group of conditions characterized by joint pain, stiffness and swelling. So, the joint mobility is compromised. Also arthritis inflammation is not restricted to the joints alone. It can spread system wide, affecting the eyes, lungs and heart.

Arthritis Relief Aims

Arthritis relief measures aim toreduce the joint painminimize joint swellingimprove joint flexibility and eventuallyrestore as normal a lifestyle as possible back to you.

The various arthritis pain relief measures exert their effect due to their anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the overall systemic inflammation too.

Arthritis Relief Measures

Arthritis remedies providing arthritis pain relief may be classified as medical and natural.

Medical Arthritis Relief

Most commonly NSAIDs and corticosteroids that attack both pain and inflammation are prescribed. Non-painkillers, like DMARDs may be prescribed to arrest the progression of the disease and prevent irreversible joint damage. Such drugs offer long term arthritis relief instead of only addressing the symptoms.  In some cases, surgical treatment may be required to obtain arthritis pain relief.

Natural Arthritis Relief

Several natural products such as Provailen offer effective joint pain relief. Another simple method is the alternative application of ice and hot packs to reduce swelling and pain. Soaking in a warm bath is good idea, as it relieves your pain and additionally relaxes your body.

Natural ingredients such as capsaicin and menthol are potent anti-inflammatory agents. They are available in the form of over-the-counter gels and creams. Rubbing these into the affected joints offers significant arthritis pain relief.

A simple online search will reveal a plethora on natural arthritis relief measures. These range from the use of Epsom salts to enhance bone growth and support the joints to use of alfa-alfa tea to reduce inflammatory pain. Some experts recommend drinking anti-oxidant rich raw juice of spinach and carrots, as natural arthritis remedies. Remember that not all remedies work for everyone. You need to experiment to figure out which methods offer the best arthritis relief for you.

Exercise for Arthritis Relief

Exercise improves flexibility of the joints and significantly alleviates arthritis pain. Be sure to choose the right exercise for your condition.  For instance certain yoga stretches are beneficial in neck arthritis. A simple neck arthritis yoga exercise is head rotations and moving the neck up and down as well as side movements. Such movements relieve stiffness in the neck and also enhance blood circulation in the area to provide arthritis pain relief.  You can perform these exercises any time, at your desk or in front of the TV.

We do hope our article has offered some help in your quest for arthritis relief measures.